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Incredible service...

Dale was very effective in helping us understand our issues and then leading us through the uncomfortable (yet crucial) process of rebuilding healthy relationships, communication and function. I counted on Dale on many occasions to speak into our situation and offer wise and effective direction.

Michael Pate
Board Chair, Christian Community Credit Union

Helped us survive and thrive...

Dale’s contribution was instrumental in helping us rethink our business operations and help us survive the impact of the recession. He also worked to position us for growth, and OMNI emerged as a company able to compete in a very different business environment

Bob Brumleu
CEO, OmniDuct

Great outcomes...

Every time I meet with Dale, I come away with a new perspective. I’ve taken the ideas Dale helped formulate directly back to the office, resulting in great outcomes for the people I work with and my role in the organization.

Zane Hall
Executive Director, Maxim Integrated

Valuable concepts and leadership...

Dale’s career experiences prior to joining Omniduct gave him the platform to introduce and drive valuable operational concepts and leadership that helped us emerge from the recession and move from “surviving to thriving.” This includes not only the lean and continuous improvement thinking that has permeated our company, but also revitalizing our employee development and improving communication both externally and internally.

Steve Philp
Vice President and CFO, OmniDuct

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Christian Community Credit Union

Plenums Plus

Tin Man Sheet Metal

Zen Industries


Hercules Industries

Kolsten Industrials

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