Why Do We Use The Townsend Leadership Program Model?

The Townsend Leadership Program (TLP) is a character-driven leadership model. From small business owners to corporate executives to non-profit leaders, its emphasis on goal-setting and interpersonal relations translate to all levels of leadership in any industry.

In a nutshell, the program integrates personal and professional development to accelerate performance. Through a combination of “task” tools and “people” tools, leaders sharpen a practical, holistic set of skills.

Task tools include practical business skills like aligning strategy with mission and values, planning systems and processes, and optimizing organizational structures. People tools include culture-building, team engagement, and communication. Combining strategy and goals with emotional intelligence is the key to leadership. The combination of the two is what gives the Townsend Leadership Program its edge.  

The program as instituted by its creator, Dr.John Townsend, traditionally involves a year of monthly interactive one-on-one coaching and group work. But the anchor tenants of competence + character can be leveraged within any growth and development structure. It breaks leaders out of their comfort zones by harnessing their personal strengths instead of wedging them into a mold.

Adherents to this model master essential business foundations while also fostering trust, motivation, and loyalty for truly transformational leadership.

Hear the personal introduction of Dale Hedges, by Dr. John Townsend, the creator of the Townsend Leadership Program.


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