Lean Innovation is Everywhere

If there is process, there is an opportunity for Lean & Continuous Improvement.

When you think of Lean and Continuous Improvement, you probably conjure up visions of immaculate assembly lines pumping out a product with the smallest effort possible. Yet, Lean can and is being applied to all types of industries and operations. Omniduct is a good example of this as we operate in a low-volume and high-mix, build-to-order model that rules the manufacturing process (in comparison, Toyota is considered a high-volume / low-mix manufacturer).

Here is the key thought to consider. Lean and Continuous Improvement is applicable to anycompany because every company runs on processes. And if there is a process to manage, you can use Lean and Continuous Improvement to refine its effectiveness; improve the quality of results; and create a more productive process. The place of Lean innovation is not confined to just the production floor. Improvement can happen in any operational environment.

Here is an example of what I mean. Allow me to introduce you to Thomas Riner. Thomas is an avid improvement maker. He uses Lean and Continuous Improvement with all the processes he manages. But Thomas doesn't run a high-volume production facility churning out widgets. Thomas owns and operates a farm, churning out a different type of product altogether. I think you'll be inspired with Thomas's efforts. You can find his innovations on YouTube at Farming Outside the Box. His current video really drives home the point that everything can be improved and innovation can happen anywhere. Just click here to watch.

Happy viewing and let me know what your thoughts are after watching the video.